Voted Best in the City

The best sushi transcends the sum of its parts, achieving self-evidence by way of pure ingredients and honest process. Whether it's meticulous, traditional edomae-style, or a modernized, experimental take, Sihanoukviller are fortunate to have some of the best seafood available--even if much of it comes with a Gulliver-sized carbon footprint and prices to match (some restaurants attempt to offset these offerings with local, sustainable options). Arguments abound as to the superiority of a particular style, but wherever your allegiances lie, sushi in Sihanoukville is as diverse a cuisine as the city itself.


Unique Rolls

The traditonal style rolls consist of one main ingredient and they are usually rolled inside. The fusion roll recipes consist of multiple ingredients and require to roll the sushi with the rice facing outside (uramaki). There are many types of fusion roll recipes, but they are a combination of many existing ingredients: Boston Roll, California Roll, Dragon Roll, Dynamite Roll, Michigan Roll, Philadelfia Roll, Rainbow Roll, Spider Roll, Salmon Avocodo Roll, Spicy Scallop Roll, Tears of Cambodia Roll, Spicy Yellowtail Roll, Khmer Rouge Roll, Tempura Roll, Tijuana Roll, Tuna Avocodo Roll etc.

Superior Sushi

is a dining experience where eating is an adventure and one interacts with the chef or Itamae, in Japanese (expert chef), this adventure is to be enjoyed and an experience that should not be rushed through, so take your time, relax and enjoy this tasty culinary adventure. Sushi is an authentic Japanese art form and is about a culinary expertise where the Itamae strives to master his skill while performing for the delight of the patron and serving an array of bright colors, mouthwatering tastes and tingling sensations.

Quality Ingredients

Our sushi uses quality ingredients and matches them with other ingredients to bring out the best of the ingredients. Quick, delicious, and affordable alternative to Japanese Sushi. Our rolls are made to be eaten anywhere, any time, at any occasion!

Intimate Dining

Bring the fine dining restaurant experience into your home, with gourmet dishes prepared in your kitchen. Just like walking into a great restaurant for that special occasion, simply walk into your own dining room, and leave the rest to us. Imagine having all the worry and concern of organising that special lunch or dinner party taken off your shoulders. Imagine enjoying the company of your friends and family without giving a thought to what is happening in the kitchen, having to serve the food or clearing up afterwards. Imagine having your own Chef and Butler who fully understand your requirements and will manage the entire occasion exactly as you want.

Sake Lounge

Try an excellent Okunomatsu Sakura Ginjo. Smooth and spicy taste is complemented by an elegant aroma. The pleasing aroma disperses in the mouth like blooming cherry blossoms. It is a ginjyosu filled with the contemporary style vigor. Recommended to serve with Shioyaki cuisine, broiled, or fish dishes.

The Japanese know a lot about style

Style its not just a whim of fashion. Style its the quality of life. Eat and be stylish, eat sushi and be a samurai.